Book launch March 2020

I am pleased to announce that I have written my first book and it is called


I have drawn on all my life experiences with spirituality and my book focuses on unlocking  the real you!!


To find out more about my book and to register your interest  please fill in the form and I will be in contact as soon as possible.

Book launch Video


With love and thanks

Anne Hill







If you were to come up with 9 rules for life what would they be?

For me they would go something like this


1 – Find the love, and feel the love

2 – Laugh, giggle and always smile

3 – Open your heart to joy

4 – Always be ready to give and receive a compliment

5 – Look for the things that up-lift you

6 – Share what makes your heart sing

7 – Appreciate nature and the wonder of animal life

8 – Set yourself up to enjoy your day

9 – Find and have fun with the child within you


Now write down your own ‘9 rules for life’ or ‘9 commandments’. You might choose to include some of the examples and you might have more. Whatever you choose, remember; always embrace the power of freedom you have to be just you!

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