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“Such a lovely experience. Takes you to a level of relaxation that is out of this world.”

What is Reiki: a healing technique, based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch.  This activates your natural healing process.    For you, it will be of help if you have stress in your life, anxiety issues, exhaustion, sleep problems, PMS, body pain, and headaches.  The treatment itself is lovely, you feel a warmth in your body.  I have been told by my clients they feel heat and sensations.
Clients don’t want to get off the couch!

Your health: Your energy should be strong and free-flowing.  When this is so the body-mind will be in a positive state of health.   If your energy becomes low or blocked, it can lead to symptoms of physical and emotional imbalance.  In other words, you feel unwell.
Reiki works to re-balance your body-clear your mind .

The experience: You lie on a cushioned heated treatment bed, supported by pillows and a bolster:  the music takes you into deep relaxation.  Once the Reiki begins you take yourself to another world, a world you are comfortable with, be it in the forest or by the ocean.  You will feel the heat from my hands as I start at your head and slowly work down your body.  Everyone’s experience is usually different.  You know when I have finished as I place my hands on your shoulder.  I leave you for a short while to continue to relax.  You return to the therapy room and sit on the couch and place your feet back on the crystal stone.
You leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, with a feeling of peace
and a smile on your face!



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