Review: I had my first ever Aromatouch followed by Reiki yesterday, having gone in stressed and agitated I can only say I have felt nothing but calm since. Keep wondering what that strange physical feeling is and have just realised it’s my shoulders being in the right place and not all hunched up as usual!!!     I have had many relaxation treatments and massages over the years, but can genuinely say Anne has the best touch I have ever experienced and cannot recommend her highly enough. She has created a warm, safe and peaceful environment and the Aromatouch is absolutely wonderful. If you can fit that in with Reiki at the end, again it is well worth the extra.   Am definitely making this a regular part of my life and well-being from now on.


Aromatouch seeks to address four things that do not change in daily life:
Stress Management, Immune Support, Muscle Response and Internal Balance,
each of which can pose a limiting factor on our health. It is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and contact points of the back and feet to help balance the nervous system of the body.


An Aromatouch Session includes the application of (8) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, specifically formulated to support healthy emotional and physiological functions for your well-being. The treatment takes place in my relaxing therapy room.  I have downloaded therapeutic music and there is lovely aroma from a diffuser.  The recipient lies face down on a heated couch with their shoes and socks off and back exposed. After all the oils are applied and the treatment is finished, the client then turns over to their back. I have a very soft blanket to cover you and you then rest for 15 minutes, so that its warmth helps the oils to penetrate and deepen relaxation.