Fountains of Knowledge, Waterfalls of Wisdom; Unlocking the Real You

I am pleased to announce that I have written my first book.   A video will be posted so you can see the book.  

I have drawn on all my life experiences with spirituality to help you focus on unlocking the real you!!  As you flick through the pages you will observe that it is very visual.  A book to be dipped into!  

I intend for my book to open you to the awareness that there is something else worth seeking and experiencing in this life time.  It endeavours to shed light on why life consists of ups and downs; feeling good and not so good.  As you journey through the pages you’ll find tips and tools and plenty of personal experiences & insights for finding a path to a happier more fulfilling life.  

The book is full of colourful pictures to make you smile, suggested meditations, mindfulness techniques and much more.  Every chapter has many inspirational quotes: 

“Don’t cry over the past, its gone.  Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.  Live in the present and make it beautiful”.  

Finally, I would like you to ask yourself this question.

“What is my life’s journey on this earth all about?”. 
Are you curious about any religion or have an interest in a spiritual path? 

I have set up two options to buy. Please click on the one that suits you and follow the procedure. You don’t have to have a Paypal account, use the guest account.  

I would like to be able to say that this book is guaranteed to have an impact on your life!!  Thank you for your interest.