Relaxing Massage


Review   I love my sessions with Anne, I always come away feeling very relaxed and calm after my massage. I can definitely feel the Reiki working and Anne has wonderful hands. Thank you Anne for the lovely treatments and I’m looking forward to the next one.

The treatment:   I am told I have a natural therapeutic touch.  I work on the whole body and face.  I would like to think as a Reiki Practitioner I can bring a few added touches with the heat from my hands.  I will be blending Isopropyl Myristate oil with Aromatherapy Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA essential oils, specifically formulated to support healthy emotional and physiological functions for your well-being.  I have a variety for you to choose from, such as: Peppermint, Wild orange, Lavender, and Bergamot.

Massage counteracts all that sitting you do: Most individuals, especially office workers, are dealing with some kind of postural stress. Stress tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck and pain or weakness in the low back and glutes caused by prolonged periods of sitting. Massage can counteract this imbalance.

It eases muscle pain:  Got sore muscles? Massage increases and improves blood circulation. Just like rubbing your elbow when you knock it on a table helps to relieve the pain.

It soothes anxiety and depression: Human touch, can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. You will find stress levels reduced.

It improves sleep. Massage is a healthy option that has helped many people overcome insomnia. Studies have shown that massage increases serotonin, which increases the melatonin and helps your natural rhythms to reset.

It relieves headaches: A single session of massage therapy immediately helps the pain in patients with chronic tension headaches.