Anne Hill
Tunbridge Wells


I offer Reiki and Massage in two different rooms that are especially dedicated to this. Having overcome a lot of life experiences myself, I am able to relate to people on a personal level.

When you arrive, we will have an introductory chat while you place your feet on a Himalayan Ocean Spa Crystal Lamp which is heated and works as a detox.    During your treatment, lasting one hour, a diffuser will be on with therapeutic oils creating a calm and relaxing environment. This is your time.


I have just written my first book which if you have an interest in a spiritual journey, this may be for you.

I host 6 “Reiki Share and Spiritual Chat” groups a month, and also host an all day “Wellness Retreat”, with two other therapists, 4 times a year.

Once a week, I volunteer at our local cancer support center.  This is what they say about me!    Anne has been a volunteer with us at the Pickering Cancer Drop-in Center since July 2016 providing Reiki and massage treatments. Anne is a warm, caring, friendly and fun-loving lady. She is always very popular with her clients and as a result is fully booked every week. I would not hesitate to recommend Anne to you for treatment.
Gaynor – Pickering Cancer Drop-in Center

This is what one of my clients says:   Anne is truly an inspiration with an amazing positive can do attitude towards life.  Her healing is an incredible experience.  You feel a calm oasis of bliss.

Yes, this is me, I am told this by many.  You will feel an immense energy from me when receiving a treatment that I guide from the angels.

Phone or email Anne Hill
Tel: 01892 278148
Mobile: 07858448268
Email:  annehill_7@hotmail.com


16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi
    I have been having reiki regularly for about 18 months. I find it very helpful and balancing. The lady I normally see has moved away and may or may not set up locally again, but not for another few weeks. I was wondering what availability you have in the next few days. I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hello Helenne Thank you for your enquiry. I am retired so my time is my own! I do have availability, possibly this afternoon, if you pick this up in time. Otherwise Monday is okay, Tuesday after 2.30 or Thursday morning. Anne


  2. Hi just wondering please if u have any time available this Friday please.Also what drew go hour therapy was the lovely tree picture


    • Hello Tanya thank you for your enquiry. I set the page up quite a while ago and was looking for pictures that displayed peace. I was just thinking of changing it as I have prepared a new page about Reiki. However after receiving your comment, I will of course be keeping the picture. I have actually filled up my Friday but could change things a little and see you about 3 or 3.30. You need to set aside about one and a half hours. Hope this will be helpful Anne


    • Please could you advise what the treatments are exactly, how long they last and how much please?
      I am also very interested in your regular meet up groups as well as the retreats. Please could you send information on all of this? Really grateful to have found you!
      Hannah 🙂


  3. Hi just wondering please if u have any time available this Friday please.Also what drew me to your website was was the lovely tree picture you have


  4. Hello Ann, I found your website looking up reiki shares on meetup. Sadly I work Mon and Thurs until 7.15 in the pantiles. Do you mind me asking If there is a spiritual de elopement group that runs first Saturday of the month, I’m sure I read it on your website, and now I can’t find it.:) in light. Elena


  5. Hello Elena I hope I can be of help. The Reiki share we have starts at 7.15 ish and then we have a meditation. About 7.45 we start the Reiki share so this may work for you. This lasts for up to an hour and then we close with chatting, may be a short meditation and angel oracle cards. I am a 10 minute walk from the Pantiles. I live just up the road from Homebase if you are walking. It wouldn’t be an issue if you came late. I am also just looking into a Spiritual Chat group which will run from the same Meetup on a Saturday morning once a month. When you start your spiritual journey, we can always find reasons to chat, experience synchronicity and be reminded to listen to our still small voice If you are interested in any of this please email me on annehill_7@hotmail.com. Anne


  6. Hello Letisha so you know wonderful Amanda, she has an amazing talent for many things. Okay what you do Letisha is look again on my website and click on Book Launch 2020 scroll through and see the video and you will see there is a form fill that in. My friend and I are working on the message we want to send people who are interested and it will be ready next week. The message will give you more information about the book. All very exciting. and thank you for your interest. Namesta Anne


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